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10 Reasons You Need Comprehensive Medical Insurance

Travel insurance is for short trips and when your selected travel period has come to an end you need to buy new cover, thus any medical conditions covered by your previous policy won’t be covered. This means any continued treatment you need will to paid from your own pocket. Travel insurance is designed to repatriate you back in to the health system of the country you bought the policy from.

1. Worldwide Cover: You have cover in any country in the world you decide to live in or travel to. Your policy will cover you at any medical facility within your area of cover.

2. Pre-existing Cover: There are some insurers that cover past, current or ongoing medical conditions. Generally an additional premium is applied to cover the risk of claims being made in relation to the condition/s.

3. Medical Evacuations: It’s not a secret how expensive medical evacuations are. The resources that insurers’ action are hard to comprehend. An international insurer does this for you so you can focus on the situation. They also pay your flights back to your home country of country of residence. Your premium appears small in comparison.

4. Hospital Networks: Most insurers have networks of hospitals, so arranging a guarantee of payment is much quicker. If they don’t have a network you’ll still cover you.

5. Home Country Cover: Your policy will cover you in your home country for a certain period.

6. Family Discounts: If you are 

7. Optional Benefits: You have the option to add-on cover for annual health checks, dental, optical and maternity cover.

8. Currency Reimbursement: Insurers offer reimbursement of claims in any currency. 

9. Continuation of Cover: This is most important reason to take out a comprehensive International medical insurance policy. An international policy will continue to cover any medical conditions you develop after the start of your plan. So as long as you continue to pay your annual premium, you have continued cover no matter where you secure a job or travel to. This essentially keeps your life abroad alive.

If International medical insurance looks like the right peace of mind for you and/or your family, feel free to contact us.


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