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Global Health Insurance for Groups

Comprehensive and cost-effective global health insurance is crucial for staff living and working overseas.

At Global Albatross we understand a medical policy is only as good as the benefits that it offers when staff need it, so we work closely with you to determine which benefits are deemed important and then develop a solution that meets your business needs.


A Group Policy…


  • Covers hospitalisations, private room, surgeries, doctor’s visits, medication, evacuations, return flights, accommodation, costs of accompanying family member
  • Covers pre-existing conditions – for groups of 10 or more
  • Reduces unexpected medical costs – both urgent and non-urgent
  • Reduces downtime of injured/ill staff members with rehabilitative care delivered at their nearest quality facility
  • Provides access to professional private medical facilities of choice
  • Provides staff ‘peace-of-mind’ when carrying out work assignments
  • Helps staff and their families settle into their new environment
  • Provides access to medical advice hotlines 24 hours a day

Group Policy Features

Continuation of cover

If an employee leaves the company, most insurers can continue cover for an individual without any further underwriting.

Easy to apply

For larger groups, insurers do not require application forms, ensuring easy accessibility to policies.

Claim refunds

Progress of claims tracked online. Majority of insurance companies offer refunds in any currency.

Membership cards

All members receive a personalised insurance card to present at time of treatment facilitating fast access to quality care.

MHD terms

Medical History Disregarded is highly beneficial for companies with staff who have pre-existing medical conditions as all staff are automatically accepted onto a plan. This is offered to companies above a specific group number, the number varying between insurers.

Plan portability

Plans cover members and their families no matter where they reside or travel. Cover continues if members return home temporarily. Plans help prolong the expatriate experience particularly for members that develop medical conditions.

Plan design

Policy costs are contained by selecting benefits that staff are more likely to use, allowing a streamlined cost-sustainable policy. Varying levels of cover can also apply to different categories of employees.

Reduce costs

Treatment is facilitated at the nearest quality expatriate facility, saving costs in returning staff to a home country. Rehabilitative care reduces downtime of ill/injured staff. Follow-up care is arranged in the country of residence rather than limiting after-care to a home country.

There when you need it most!


Member Services


One of Global Albatross’ best service features is advocacy. Extensive industry knowledge and experience ensures solid advocacy on the company’s behalf to facilitate delivery of quality underwriting decisions, relevant policy benefits and the level of customer service from the insurer. We hold insurers to account over the life of the policy, ensuring quality decisions and outcomes throughout.


Whether it be managing the refund of prepaid treatment expenses or liaising with the insurer during a medical emergency, we make certain all entitlements available under the policy are delivered. Timely processing of claims is managed through consistently liaising with the insurer. We continue to turn claims decisions around through applying our intricate knowledge of policies, their inner workings and the fine print.


Amendments to the policy, such as staff additions or deletions are managed on behalf of the company along with staff enquiries regarding policy benefits, treatment pre-authorisations and claims. At renewal, the policy is bench-marked against others in the market to determine if the benefits and premiums remain competitive, and terms renegotiated where required.

Our 5-Step Process

1. Situation and needs analysis

We ask questions specific to global health insurance for groups. They are quick and easy to answer and help us determine the most suitable cover and benefits required.

2. Compare options

Insurers are identified that are likely to best meet your requirements. Benefit and premium comparisons are provided.

3. Fine tune

Preferred plan options are fine-tuned. Policy benefits and premium are negotiated on your behalf, saving you time and money.

4. Policy selection

Options are discussed and recommendations provided. We help with and manage the application to ensure it progresses as it should.

5. Implementation

The policy is arranged and documentation delivered. We move into managing the policy, answering staff queries, advocating on their behalf with claims and holding insurers to account.

Don’t be left thinking…

“I wish I had cover.”