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What Our Clients Say

Clients are the centre of our universe. We know we wouldn’t exist if not for clients and the trust placed in us to steadfastly advocate, support and deliver, as well as treat medical information with the utmost care. Expats from across the globe have provided these testimonials, sharing their stories of how we’ve helped them through delivering our professional and truly differentiated service.


Michael F

British expat

I would like to post a sincere appreciation for the way that Darren at Global Albatross has handled my health insurance needs over the last few years. Dealing with him anytime, day or night is very quick and easy. (I don’t think he sleeps as he always responds immediately). The options presented to me have always been clear, well presented, easy to understand and affordable. But, the true test is when one needs the coverage to step up. I recently needed a complex operation and the whole pre-approval, own choice of hospital and doctor plus claim process was handled flawlessly by Darren. 100% coverage was guaranteed to the hospital, thanks to his management of the process. I can unreservedly recommend the services of Global Albatross!

Katherine W

Australian expat

Thank you to Darren at Global Albatross for his guidance and support in the minefield that is expat health insurance. Darren worked with us to assess our personal situation and provide guidance on the right products for our family, including coverage for pre-existing conditions of cancer & a congenital kidney condition. When making insurance claims Darren takes a hands-on approach, always quick to respond to queries. Easily contactable via email or Skype for face to face contact. Darren was also able to seek quick full reimbursement of funds from our chosen insurance company within a week after unexpected surgery. We would confidently recommend Darren and Global Albatross to all expat families looking for health insurance coverage and support.

Carol M

Brazilian expat

Global Albatross’ team has always been incredible and impeccable in providing all the necessary support we need. Living abroad means that at times you need an extra help to deal with healthcare policies, expenses claims and liaising with the right people through the right processes. That’s where Darren and Global Albatross have never let us down. They are 24/7 available to respond to our queries, acting on our behalf to get things done as quickly and effectively as possible. They have made our stay in another country much easier. Thank you, Darren.

Tim F

American expat

Darren and the team at Global Albatross have been fantastic. Compared to the service I received with previous brokers I can’t say enough about how much they have simplified my global health care management. I live and travel extensively in Asia. GA found the right policy at the right price for me. Recently I had an accident requiring hospital visits in 3 countries, with numerous claims in 3 different currencies. No problem. The GA team worked directly with the insurance company, chased up on the claims and made sure all were properly handled. Exactly what I need in a broker! GA’s follow-up and communication have been expedient and thorough. I highly recommend them for you or your organization’s health insurance needs.

Gavin C

New Zealand expat

My existing provider had been taking my business for granted for more than 10 years, and when I asked them to look for a reduced premium policy, all I received was a reduced cover policy with the same insurer. Darren stepped in and absolutely blew me away with his attention, his amazingly fast responses and for providing us with a number of options that were not only substantially cheaper but actually increased our coverage. Darren is a true professional and really knows his stuff. Not one thing went wrong on the changeover and as the cherry on the top, Darren managed to get us a really generous ‘no claims’ discount – after we had already signed up for the new provider. That’s above and beyond in my book. Best decision we made was to speak with Darren and our existing provider (broker) still hasn’t come back with anything even approaching what we are now enjoying.

John & Gillian W

Australian expats

We moved our health insurance across to Darren after some frustrations with the previous agents. Darren has been great. He was prompt and helpful in setting up a policy that suited us and within a short deadline, but all was quickly in order. Then we had a major medical emergency and had to go ahead with treatment in Jakarta (not recommended!) without prior approval. This first treatment was followed up with further sessions in Singapore. We then had to play catch up with our health insurance company. Darren took the load and stress away from us, managed all the ‘nitty-gritty’ of our claim – all done with a smile (yes, it is possible by email!) and a sense of humour. Our claim was approved. Darren has been great to work with – he’s always online and is always quick and helpful in his responses. He understands the health insurance industry and all its foibles. I would happily recommend Darren to anyone.

George M

American expat

After my former Aetna insurance policy became prohibitively expensive, I was in need of another health plan at a reasonable cost. My situation was made more complicated because of my age and pre-existing medical conditions. I contacted Darren of Global Albatross. I found his knowledge of the multitude of health plans on the market very extensive, so he was able to present to me a choice of options in the market. I considered several including Allianz, Cigna, Bupa, AXA and NOW Health. He found me a new health insurer and a plan that suited my requirements better than I had hoped and at a significant saving. Darren negotiated various points of coverage with the new insurance company, not only for the first few years but also onward as I grow older. When my renewal came up, he took the time to explain the various options and what they meant. He was also of great service when I needed to claim for a hospital visit while I was on vacation in another country. Darren responded to my emails immediately, kept in constant contact (by email and phone) and made sure paperwork was in order. He presented my medical claim to the insurance company and made certain I received all the benefits under the agreement of the policy. Darren is always in tune with my medical insurance needs. I would recommend Darren Manning of Global Albatross without hesitation.

Howard & Gillian M

New Zealand expats

In late 2016 Howard required urgent medical treatment in Shanghai, China. We went straight to the United Family Hospital and following tests, were referred to the No.1 People’s Hospital for urgent surgery. It was at this point that the services of Global Albatross became invaluable, helping us navigate through the health insurance process, a process that was complicated by having to move hospitals. A phone call in the early hours of the morning to Darren at Global Albatross, resulted in him taking care of all our medical insurance. He liaised with our health insurance provider and hospitals to ensure that Howard was covered for all procedures. In essence, following the phone call to Darren, we did not need to do anything more, other than sign the papers on discharge. At this time of high stress, plus cultural and language differences, it would have been extremely difficult for us to also navigate the hospital and medical insurance provider requirements alone. We were extremely grateful to Darren for taking care of all these issues at such a stressful time. He followed up regularly over the following few months to ensure that there were no outstanding issues and to enquire about our health. We were extremely grateful to have Darren by our side during this process.

Neal G

Australian expat

Wow congratulations on winning the award! Well done on the fantastic achievement. All your long hours and hard work has clearly been recognized and quite rightly so, very true what the judges said ‘unbiased and real expertise’. Congrats and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future as a family.

Darren S

Australian expat

I moved my family’s medical coverage across to Global Albatross due to the quality personalised service extended to me and my family. Darren is always contactable, prompt with responses and is able to maximise inclusions within a budget.
Follow up in all aspects with sound advice and recommendations as well as customising coverage to our needs. Professional service at all times. Thanks for your ongoing service over a number of years now.

What Our Partners Say

Global Albatross works with the most respected and experienced international medical insurers who provide comprehensive cover and are experts in delivering emergency response worldwide. We don’t just work with any insurer, they must meet our standards, and continue to do so.


Philip Catterton

Managing Director

Global Albatross provide excellent international healthcare coverage for individuals, families and companies worldwide and have always shown a high degree of integrity, honesty, and product knowledge in international healthcare. Their level of service to their clients is outstanding. Global Albatross exemplifies the professionalism and commitment to their clients that purchasers of international healthcare plans deserve.

Lee Gerry


The team at Global Albatross bring a whole new level of professionalism in the service that they provide their customers. It’s always a delight to work with Darren and his colleagues to try to help them meet with their exacting needs, to best match their customer’s international protection requirements.

Clive Westwood-Dunkley

BD Manager

I have worked with Global Albatross for many years and have always been impressed with their professionalism, product knowledge and total commitment to their clients. It is a pleasure doing business with Global Albatross.

Adam Vogt

Sales Manager

Having worked with Global Albatross for several years, it’s evident that Darren and his team show a great level of care and attention to clients. Health insurance can be stressful and highly emotive to deal with, therefore having this level of experience can be invaluable. We look forward to working with Darren for many years to come.