Best Intermediary 2017 - Health Insurance Daily Awards

Global Albatross has won the 2017 Best Individual International Private Medical Insurance Intermediary Award at the prestigious Health Insurance Awards in London. Read more here.


What we do

Global Albatross is focused on providing international medical insurance solutions to expatriates worldwide. We work with international medical insurers from around the globe to deliver a wide range of comprehensive policies. Our impartial advice will help you make informed decisions on cover to best suit your situation and needs.

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Long term travel should be an adventure to remember!




How we help


It’s quite simple. Once we have some details, we provide a side-by-side plan, benefit and premium comparison. We highlight the differences between each plan and answer any questions you have so you can determine which benefits are most important to you.

We also point out the differences in the insurers servicing abilities, responsiveness, claims pay-out timeframes, and how easy they are to work with. We won’t recommend an insurer that cannot provide the support you need. If we wouldn’t buy it, we won’t recommend it.

Our experience and expert knowledge of international insurance products and market trends form the foundation of our impartial advice that helps you make an informed decision on a policy that best protects you.




Health is our most important asset.

Insure it!



Our Service


We do not receive incentives to recommend one insurer over another. Our advice and recommendations are based solely on your needs. 


We build your knowledge about your options. Insurer’s plans and benefits look similar so we highlight the differences so you can decide what is most important to you. 



We work in your best interests, not the insurers, and continue to support you throughout the life of the policy at NO COST to you.



We work with a range of local and international insurers to offer you customised benefit and premium comparisons to reflect your individual needs.


We do the hard work by comparing each insurer’s plans to find the most suitable options for you to consider.



At the renewal of your policy we’ll benchmark it against others in the market to ensure it continues to meet your requirements at a competitive premium.




Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen closely.




We’ve got your back!

Our commitment goes beyond providing initial advice and recommendations. We advocate on your behalf throughout the life of your policy to ensure underwriting, claims and customer service and emergency services from your chosen provider are delivered. We work for you to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to under your policy.




There when you need it most! 




Our Partners

Global Albatross works with the most respected and experienced international medical insurers who provide comprehensive cover and are experts in delivering emergency response worldwide. Like ourselves, our partners provide quality, ethical and effective service.




We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.