International Health Insurance – Who do we protect? Who are those expats out in the world that entrust Global Albatross to oversee their global healthcare management? Check out our latest video about the various clients we treasure…

Our commitment to clients goes well beyond providing initial advice, recommendations and arranging a policy. We ensure that professional athletes, pilots and crew, group clients, families and individual expats are looked after throughout the entire duration of cover. Whether it be managing prepaid treatment expenses or liaising with the insurer during a medical emergency, we make certain all entitlements available under the policy are delivered.

As the cost of medical care increases around the globe and insurers pay closer attention to claims and underwriting terms, expats need the right support to ensure maximum benefit from their cover, that claims outcomes are accurate and insurers are held to account.

Global Albatross does not receive incentives to recommend one insurer over another. We work in our clients’ best interests, not the insurer’s. Experience and expert knowledge of international insurance products and market trends form the foundation of our impartial advice, helping expats make informed decisions surrounding their health insurance needs.

Insurers’ plans and benefits look similar, so highlighting the differences in cover is important. Also important for expats to consider when choosing a policy is the insurers’ servicing abilities, how responsive they are to queries, their claims pay-out timeframes, and how easy they are to work with.

Consistently recognised at independent global awards for quality service to clients, Global Albatross’s committment to clients is unmatched in the industry. See what our clients say about us!

If you have a query regarding your current health insurance policy, we can answer it. Considering other health insurance options? We can provide them. If you want to change an individual or group policy, our team provides the manpower to achieve it. If you have burning questions, get in touch, hit our FAQ’s page or explore the blog.

Operating ethically, delivering quality core services and adding value to our client’s medical insurance is what we do!

Thanks for watching our latest video entitled ‘International Health Insurance – Who do we protect?’ We hope it quickly and concisely highlights who we cover, and how we help expats the world over.