This month Global Health Insider, the world’s leading publication for IPMI brokers, agents, and providers interviewed Global Albatross’s MD, on effective marketing in different regions.

“Mr Darren Manning, the Managing Director of Global Albatross, an IPMI Brokerage firm with a global client base shares his experiences with Global Health Insider. Mr Manning has experience in the IPMI market in Asia and the Pacific regions through his years of experience as an IPMI broker in Shanghai, China as well as in New Zealand.

Manning is responsible for the company’s global expansion. Learn more from his experiences in the Global Health Insider Interview.

Q: Can you give us a brief description of Global Albatross and your services?

Global Albatross is a specialist medical insurance advisory. Our name is derived from the most legendary of birds, the Royal Albatross, which is known to travel vast distances before eventually returning home.  We felt this was a good fit as it is something many expatriates experience, we travel huge distances globally, but thereafter generally return to a familiar home base.

At Global Albatross, we focus solely on international medical insurance rather than provide a broad range of general household insurance products, so we have specialist knowledge of the inner workings of policies.

We partner with our clients to understand their situation and needs and find a cover that is responsive, of maximum benefit and within budget.

We present options and assist with policy selection providing information on plan suitability and insurer service levels.

We manage all claims to ensure an accurate outcome is achieved.

We advocate for clients in emergency situations to ensure all benefits are delivered in a timely manner.  This ensures clients receive everything they are entitled to under their policy and allows them to focus on the medical situation at hand rather than the insurance side of things.

At renewal, we review the client’s policy, and get an updated needs analysis, as a lot can change within a year.  The family finances might have changed, there might be a new family member, any number of scenarios can occur, so blindly sending out policy renewal documents is not our style.  We find out what the client needs, compare and benchmark against the market to ensure benefits and premium are the most competitive and beneficial.

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